At Home: Wellness & Beauty Series

The ultimate DIY at-home clean beauty, self-care and wellness digestible content that are kind to the planet too. Vetting out the newest earth – loving products to eco-friendly (encouraging recycling and minimal waste), cruelty-free (no animal testing) and vegan ones (no animal-based substances).  
With the coronavirus ensuring many of us are confined to our homes, this new segment will offer the tools and knowledge needed to keep up healthy skin, mind and soul. This also includes advice on skin and wellness recipes with ingredients sitting right in your kitchen (in case you have run out or just in case they might stop shipping).

Why NEOM Welling Pod Is The Best Self-Care Boost In Quarantine

It’s been now 3 weeks in quarantine with my family. And during this time, I have discovered a new found definition of what self-care really is: finding that smallest joy of looking after myself. Here’s my 3 tips of finding the smallest joy in quarantine alone or with your family. Clock out at a reasonableContinue reading “Why NEOM Welling Pod Is The Best Self-Care Boost In Quarantine”