How London-based sustainable denim brand E.L.V Denim Is Supporting The Covid-19 Relief Effort

It’s amazing to see how the fashion industry has come together (both big and small, working to make a difference) to support those in need whether it is producing hand sanitisers, face masks in repurposed factories to donating sale proceeds to charities, the fashion industry is making a difference. Yet, despite the uncertainty with manyContinue reading “How London-based sustainable denim brand E.L.V Denim Is Supporting The Covid-19 Relief Effort”

Best Home Workouts On IGTV To Try Now

Thanks to our digital devices, we’re now able to stream workouts live from our own living rooms. Here’s my guide to 3 free workouts from the best trainers and studios in the business right into your living room: Psycle: This is my personal favourite, as I do miss my spin classes at Psycle on my lunch hour. FromContinue reading “Best Home Workouts On IGTV To Try Now”

Why NEOM Welling Pod Is The Best Self-Care Boost In Quarantine

It’s been now 3 weeks in quarantine with my family. And during this time, I have discovered a new found definition of what self-care really is: finding that smallest joy of looking after myself. Here’s my 3 tips of finding the smallest joy in quarantine alone or with your family. Clock out at a reasonableContinue reading “Why NEOM Welling Pod Is The Best Self-Care Boost In Quarantine”

Staying In

#StayingInSavesLives Day 14 at home. It’s now been 14 days staying home with my family in self-isolation. Today, #WFH most of my time is spent managing digital campaigns, brainstorming meetings to create experiences online given the new developments of the current spread of the virus either on a skype call or Teams, being isolated withContinue reading “Staying In”

Ever Wanted To Know How To Maximise Your Glow?

My biggest secret in keeping a youthful, healthy glow? My beauty regime always starts with exercise. The benefits? Exercise decreases the level of the stress hormone cortisol, which can be beneficial for chronic skin conditions like eczema, psoriasis, and acne. In fact, according to Dr Kanchanapoomi Levin, ‘Increasing the circulation with cardio delivers a greaterContinue reading “Ever Wanted To Know How To Maximise Your Glow?”

Winterproof Your Skin: HOUSE OF LIFE N31 Face Repair Cream

It can be hard to find a 2-1 moisturiser gentle enough for all skin types, especially in the depths of winter as cold air strips us of essential moisture and nutrients. HOUSE OF LIFE ‘N31 Face Repair Cream’  is just that. A ground breaking organic skincare solution with cosmeceuticals efficiency that includes natural healing ingredientsContinue reading “Winterproof Your Skin: HOUSE OF LIFE N31 Face Repair Cream”

A Very Conscious Christmas

Wishing all a wonderful Christmas during this festive time. Christmas gives us an opportunity to pause and reflect on the important things around us. Especially about honouring yourself and planet earth. As my journey continues to live more consciously as an activist and planet-lover shared on my personal blog, GOING GREEN, I wanted to shareContinue reading “A Very Conscious Christmas”

A (Conscious) Guide to Holiday Decorating

All lights shine bright tonight as we host our pre-Christmas party with our close friends and family. This year, I have re-used all of my Christmas decorations, such as plastic and glass baubles and tinsel (as they can’t be recycled). I really made a conscious effort to be mindful of how I can minimise wasteContinue reading “A (Conscious) Guide to Holiday Decorating”

Holiday Party Style (Yes, It’s Rented)

PARTY WEAR PERFECTION Left the @kleen_app office and now heading to the Christmas party! I am wearing @rixo ‘Tyra’ stripped sequinned crepe midi dress, rented from @mywardrobe_hq. According to Oxfam, which has more than 600 charity shops in UK alone, reports that 7 million sequinned items of clothing and accessories will end up in landfill,Continue reading “Holiday Party Style (Yes, It’s Rented)”