Holiday Party Style (Yes, It’s Rented)


Left the @kleen_app office and now heading to the Christmas party! I am wearing @rixo ‘Tyra’ stripped sequinned crepe midi dress, rented from @mywardrobe_hq.

According to Oxfam, which has more than 600 charity shops in UK alone, reports that 7 million sequinned items of clothing and accessories will end up in landfill, as 5 % admit they throw out their sequins once they’re finished with them. In addition, most sequins are plastic and don’t biodegrade – meaning they will languish in landfill for years to come.

This is why I have opted to rent mine @mywardrobe_hq.

Who doesn’t love a show-stopping shimmery sequinned dress? But let’s face it – most of us will only wear it once for that special moment.

I just love the light-catching sequins in teal, brown and pink. It also has a plunging neckline. Adding a little sparkle goes a long way … and so does saving the planet by making more conscious choices.

Read more on how to rent : @mywardrobe_hq


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