Why NEOM Welling Pod Is The Best Self-Care Boost

I have discovered a new found definition of what self-care really is: finding that smallest joy of looking after myself.

Here’s my 3 tips of finding the smallest joy in quarantine alone or with your family.

  1. Clock out at a reasonable time: Like many of us, your office is your new home office. To avoid being on our devices all day (and night), choose a reasonable time to completely log off. During the week, I clock out at 5.30pm.
  2. Invest in a diffuser: Diffusers are the new wellness and beauty tool of self-care on every editor’s desk and homes. Including mine. The NEOM Wellbeing Pod boast therapeutic benefits for the mind and body especially when adding an essential oil. It offers a natural way to help calm the mind and soothe the soul. I’ve added rose oil to NEOM Wellbeing Pod. This soothing scent helps to reduce anxiety, feelings of panic and quieten a busy mind. Bonus: a drop or two of this oil can also be added to your face cream to calm the skin.
  3. Create a daily ritual of stillness: Diffusers in particular, are popular during these unsettling times. The benefits? NEOM Welling Pod features a low energy LED light, a timer and humidifies the air around you (there is something calming about watching the midst disappear in the air), helps aid better sleep and shifts your mood through essential oil blends.