Supercharged Facial at Gazelli House

Why Gazelli House townhouse on Walton Street is London’s best kept secret? There is no formal-looking reception desk, just sumptuous armchairs and wooden tables adorned with products, flowers and oriental tea pots.

The skincare range developed by Dr. Zarifa Hamzayeva, you can expect the therapies offered at their sumptuous new HQ to go way beyond the surface. Membership to their beautiful townhouse on Walton Street comes with their two signature diagnostic treatments. Whether you go in for a facial or a body treatment, each session is completely bespoke and might include anything from microdermabrasion to radio frequency.


This morning I was pleasantly surprised when a package from Gazelli Skincare arrived.

I was thrilled to
experience Hydra-Radiance Face Mist and Illuminating Perfecting Skin Polish from their award-winning Triple Youth luxury skincare range. Offering the best do-it-yourself skincare products that will help you get a luxury spa experience in the comfort of your own home. 

Last week I travelled a lot for work and as a result, my skin became very dehydrated and dull (even in the summer seasons). Gazelli Skincare uses only the highest quality organic compounds and natural extracts blended with the exclusive and precious ingredient Gazelli White Oil™. 


The result?   Hydra-Radiance Face Mist helped transform my skin into a natural dewy glow. Above all, this light mist is extremely versatile: used as a toner, applied over make-up and can even be spritzed over your body for a beautiful glow (refreshing aroma). The unique blend of Gazelli White Oil™, Grape Seed Oil and Black Mulberry Extract protects, hydrates and tones the skin with powerful antioxidants, Vitamin E and Omegas. 


Illuminating Perfecting Skin Polish is a gentle, exfoliating skin polish evens out skin tone and thoroughly clears pores. I have even applied a small portion on my elbows (helped with the dry patchy areas instantly). The result?  The micro-granule Rice Powder lifts dead cells to reveal fresh, softer skin with a more youthful appearance. Red Grape extract locks in moisture and lightens skin tone, while the regenerative Gazelli White Oil™ deeply nourishes, rejuvenates and protects the skin for a luminous and healthy complexion. 

Founded by mother-daughter duo Dr. Zarifa Hemzayeva & Jamila Askarova, this luxury skincare brand, proven to rejuvenate, protect and nourish the skin, is based on the healing powers of a natural oil found only in Azerbaijan.