3 Ways To Celebrate Earth Day In Quarantine

Today, on April 22nd, 2020 marks the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, the annual celebration of the environmental movement.

Traditionally my family and I would spend the day outside on a hike or planting a tree, appreciating Mother Earth. However, given the current conditions of COVID-19 pandemic, our plans needed to adapt to the current circumstances and celebrate at home.

However, there is still plenty of ways to celebrate Earth Day in quarantine and keeping the focus and passion on restoring the planet. Here are my 3 tips to get in the celebratory mood:

Clean Your Closet: Donate (@Oxfam) , Resell (@mywardrobe_hq), Rent (@hurr) unused items in your closet. Your small deed today (and everyday) goes a long way. According to Warp UK, 30% in average wardrobe has not been worn in a year and sadly £140m worth of clothing goes to landfill each year. By doing your part, matters.

Increase your climate IQ while self-isolating at home: The most most informative films and TV shows to educate and expand your mind while self-isolating that will help you stay informed of the action needed to save our planet’s future.  My personal IQ-boosting climate documentaries favourites are: ‘The True Cost’ To David Attenborough’s Netflix Series, RiverBlue (2016) & Our Planet (2019).

Join in online: Perhaps most importantly,  make sure you take a moment to connect with others and find inspiring hope for the future. It’s an opportunity for millions around the world to unite virtually, from their own homes, to celebrate the resources that our planet so generously provides for us and to reflect on the contribution that we can each make to ensure its future. Follow the #EarthDay hashtag online or join in with one of the virtual events taking place around the world, ranging from panel discussions to live performances. My personal favourites are Fashion Revolution, watch live hosting various topics on Earth Day on IG live, Ecoage, watch Livia Firth in conversation with Satish Kumar on the importance of designing a new, more sustainable way of life for the future & Cloud Twelve, watch live at 12pm on our Cloud Twelve Instagram with eco expert Juliet Kinsman.

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